Last day

Yesterday was the last day, but the teachers still managed to pack in more stuff for us to do, which was brilliant! We went to a Viking museum and then headed to a restaurant to have freshly caught fish and chips for lunch. It was a brilliant end to an absolutely amazing trip, and I’m sure we would all like to say a massive thank you to Ms Mynott, Mr Pope and, of course, Ms White for organising this superb holiday!



Katherine’s Birthday

Today is Katherine’s 16th birthday (the second birthday of the trip!) We hope she has a brilliant day and enjoys the last of our activities in Iceland.



Lastly yesterday we visited downtown Reykjavik, which is the capital of Iceland and the only city in the country! We went to the Hallgrimskirkja for some amazing views over the city, then went shopping, and afterwards headed to the Perlan for even more stunning picture over the shops and houses.



├×ingvellir National Park

After we had been to watch the geysers, we travelled to ├×ingvellir National Park. When we arrived we threw a coin into the ravine and made a wish! Then we walked to the panoramic view point to take some photos of the stunning view and stood with one foot on the North American plate and the other foot on the Eurasian plate!
“Learning about the Viking parliament when in the National Park was really interesting but the walk up to the top was tiring!” – Ria Patel and Katherine Hughes (year 11)





Today, after a short stop in a small town, we visited a waterfall called Gullfoss, which has a gorge almost 8km long! It was as stunning – if not more – as the other waterfalls we had visited and also got us just as soaking wet.

The gorge for the waterfall was really long and beautiful and it was such a spectacular waterfall

– Evie, Year 11